Declaration of the Eelam Tamil Diaspora

We, the Eelam Tamil Diaspora, originating from the North and East part of the island of Ceylon, are assembled in front of the United Nations Organization to make an unequivocal declaration about our cherished national aspirations to the international community.

1. We trace our origins to the North and East part of the island of Ceylon, where our ancestors have independently ruled themselves for over 2500 years.

2. We represent the Eelam Nation, with all the rights accorded to a nation based on the criteria defined by the United Nations Organization and in international law.

3. As a distinct nation, we retain our sovereignty, and have the right to determine our own future based on international law.

4. Believing in the concept of homeland, nationhood, and our right to self-determination, we totally reject the claims made by the Government of Sri Lanka to represent us, and resolve to free ourselves from the hegemony of the Sinhala Nation through political means.

5. From the time the British Empire left the island 63 years ago, the Sinhala nation has systematically invaded our land and used its numerical superiority to subjugate and rule over us.

6. Using their majority power, the Sinhala Nation has eroded the parity of status enjoyed by us under the British rule by taking away our language rights and the right to equal opportunity in education and employment. Aided and abetted by the state, our economy has been systematically destroyed over the decades by repeated pogroms against Eelam Tamils. These actions spanning over three decades, drove the Eelam Tamil leadership to make the Vaddukoddai Declaration on May 14, 1976, requesting a mandate to declare the state of Tamil Eelam. They won a resounding victory in favour of this mandate in the 1977 General Election.

7. However, our democratic expression to free ourselves from the hegemony of the Sinhala Nation met with draconian laws granting unbridled powers to the Sinhala forces and police to arrest, torture, and disappear many thousands of our Tamil youth. As a consequence, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) was formed, under the leadership of Mr. Veluppillai Pirabhakaran, which succeeded in gaining military parity of status and established a de jour State of Tamil Eelam in our traditional homeland.

8. The military parity of status resulted in an internationally mediated peace accord that was signed between the LTTE, representing the Eelam Tamils, and the Government of Sri Lanka on February 22, 2002.

9. The Eelam Tamils placed their faith in the international community to deliver a just and peaceful solution to their suffering. However, the Sinhala Nation unilaterally abrogated the peace accord in 2008 and unleashed a genocidal war against the Eelam Tamils.

10. The Sinhala Nation continued to commit genocide by destroying the de jour State and killing over one hundred and fifty thousand men, women, and children and maiming hundreds of thousands more by aerial bombardment with chemical weapons in Mullivaikkaal.

11. The genocide continues to this day by subjecting the Eelam Tamils to military rule where the people are essentially living in open prisons. Under the guise of high-security zones, the Government of Sri Lanka has forcibly taken over 25% of the productive land and colonized the land with Sinhalese to alter the demography of our traditional homeland. This has destroyed the lives, and livelihood of the Eelam Tamils who have been displaced multiple times due to the genocidal war unleashed upon them.

12. We urgently request the international community to immediately stop the genocide committed by the Government of Sri Lanka, which has resulted in the killing of over two hundred and fifty thousand Eelam Tamils over the past six decades, and the forced migration of over a million Eelam Tamils who have fled their home and native land. We strongly urge the international community to bring the Government of Sri Lanka and the armed forces to the International Criminal Court for the crimes against humanity they are continuing to commit with impunity.

13. Since the war ended in May 2009, the Government of Sri Lanka has embarked on systematic Sinhalisation of our traditional homeland by barring our people from returning to their lands and instead settling Sinhalese people from the South. While schools, hospitals, and places of worship remain destroyed by the war in our home land, the Government of Sri Lanka is building Buddhist temples in the occupied lands to destroy any evidence of Tamil existence. These actions by the Sinhala Nation reinforce our resolve to secede as a means for survival in the long run.

14. The on-going genocide in our homeland demands that the only way to stop this process is for the UN and the international community to recognize our inalienable right to self-determination and help us establish our own state in our traditional home land.

15. Through the formation of the independent Tamil Eelam state, we resolve to enact democratic governance, respect individual rights and freedoms, and embrace free-market economy. The proposed State of Tamil Eelam will maintain cordial relations with its neighbours and ensure peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region.

Eelam Tamils' aspiration is their Tamil Eelam homeland.